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Dear Sir/Madam,

PFB Booking Procedure & information related to the car bookings.

Car booking procedure :-

  •  We need your approval for rates before the start of services; this is for smooth billing and to avoid further billing queries.
  •  We have online booking software for vehicle bookings.
  •  For Pune city location bookings you can send the email on and for Pimpri Chinchwad location bookings you can send the email on which is accessible 24 X 7 and having multiple accesses.
  •  We expect the bookings through email to avoid any miscommunication, also telephonic bookings we accept.
  •  Once we get the email immediately we send confirmation email & the Text SMS within 10 - 15 minutes along with the confirmation no. to traveler and coordinator as well.
  •  One day prior till 2100Hrs we send the car and driver details through sms to traveler and coordinator.
  •  At the time of giving the duty slip to driver necessary instructions are given to the driver.
  •  Before going for duty security or concern staff checks the vehicle and once he gives ok driver proceed for the duty.
  •  After vehicle reporting at traveler’s residence we send the car reporting SMS to coordinator and call to traveler, booker dose not need to follow up.
  •  After Pick-up done we send pick-up done sms to booker/coordinator. Thereafter drivers are not allowed to take any call. If any urgent call he will take the vehicle aside with the permission of guest and will pick-up the call but not while driving.
  •  We are providing the feedback form on the duty slip itself. Also next day of journey we take the service feedback and suggestion if any from the user.
  •  We require email for each and every requirement to avoid any miscommunication and the same email request sent by you will be attached to that particular Invoice for your ready references, which will help you to recollect the past requirements sent by you.

For emergency requirement:

You can do the bookings through phone calls in emergency OR when you are out of office, for which we will send the approval request from our end.

Billing and Accounts:

  •  100% accurate & transparent billing process.
  •  Travel request no /Employee no /Business Unit /dept. Name or cost centre no etc etc if any, will be available on the bills and on the duty slips as required.
  •  Bills can be submitted as per your request or on weekly or on fortnight basis.
  •  Along with the bills--signed duty slip, bills summary, email requisition print will be attached.
  •  Also soft copy of bills summary will be sent to the concern person before dispatching the bills.
  •  Monthly MIS Reports can be provided on request.
  •  You are requested to settle our bills within 15 days after bills submission.

Any queries / Complaints regarding car bookings will be attended 24 X 7 by our 24 X 7 support Staff.

Payment can be done through Cheque / D.D / NEFT / RTGS, online through Credit Card / Debit card / Pay TM / American express credit Card etc.

Our 24 X 7 contact no‘s for car bookings and related queries :

  •  Airport PRI Line No: 020 27401212
  •  For Airport office : 0750 777 5790
  •  For PCMC office : 07875 405 405 | 020 - 6767 6060 (PRI Connection)

Any queries / Complaints regarding car bookings will be attended 24 X 7 by our 24 X 7 support Staff. change to Any queries / Complaints regarding car bookings will be attended 24 X 7 by our experienced operation support Staff.

Our Basic Steps Towards Success

  • Clear Vision and Goals
  • Quality Product or Service
  • Customer-Centric Approach
  • Effective Leadership
  • Talented Team
  • Adaptability and Innovation
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing and Branding
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Continuous Evaluation and Adaptation


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